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If you are an advisor or aspiring investor who wants to learn the key principles involved in making investment decisions from experienced, professional investors, this pass is for you.

- Access to all UNO web platform features
- Access UNO lectures and workshops
- Watch UNO Startup Competition
- Access to Networking area
- Unlimited access to on-demand content
- Offline: No access
Advisor $80
If you are a Founder of an early-stage startup who wants to learn more about the benchmarks that investors use to evaluate startups, this pass is for you.

- Access to UNO web platform
- Access to UNO lectures and workshops

*Ticket is subject to approval. Only apply for this ticket if you are a Ukraine-based startup.
Startup free*
Want to be part of the growing group of sophisticated investors targeting Ukrainian startups? Then the Investor Pass is for you.

All features of Advisor Pass, plus:
- Access to offline event in Kyiv (limited to 50 tickets)
- Participate in a private post-event group Q&A session with UNO speakers
- Access to UNO Startup Competition & Awards Ceremony
- A chance to attend private Demo Days hosted by eō Business Incubators for an opportunity to invest in rising startups (subject to approval)
Investor $150
"It will not surprise me to see not just and not just Grammarly. But a whole host of Unicorns coming from Ukraine"
Charles K. Whitehead
Professor at Cornell University, Co-founder at eō Business Incubators
"Ukrainian tech startups are undervalued. You can have a perfect engineering team with experience, which will cost 2-3 times cheaper than in Silicon Valley"
Andriy Fedoriv
"In three years we will have amazing unicorns. It's time to invest in them now, so you can benefit from that in three years"
Dominique Piotet
CEO at UNIT.City and Sector X Accelerator
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