Ukraine as Number One (UNO)
Learn how to angel invest in startups. A 4-day live masterclass designed and taught by A-list investors and experts.
UNO is rescheduled
due to new Covid restrictions in Ukraine. Sign up to be notified of new dates
UNO Update
Due to Ukraine's rising covid problem (as you probably know, the country was moved to yellow tier), and new restrictions on in-person meetings, we are moving the conference online, rescheduling the presentations of our speakers over a series of evenings, with the dates/times to be confirmed.

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Together with A-list investors and experts, you will explore the key principles involved in making investment decisions, structuring deals, working with founders, valuing startups, and successfully exiting.
Graduates and active participants in the UNO program will be invited to join eō Business Incubators early-stage investors network. Get a chance to be part of the select group invited to join eō's private Demo Days.
The UNO Pitch Competition is a competition for Ukrainian startups organised in partnership with eō Business Incubators. Compete with fellow Ukrainian founders and win up to $8,000 for your business venture.
Interactive live-lectures
Access an early-stage investor club
UNO Pitch Competition
Participating Companies and Institutions
You Will Learn
Find Billion-Dollar Startups
Build Your Angel Investor Network
Allocate Capital & Provide Value to Founders
Structure Deals
Charles K. Whitehead
Cornell University / eō Business Incubators
Rick Rasmussen
Marwin Liao
500 Startups (former) / GAMEGROOVE Capital
Dominique Piotet
Paul Holliman
Angel Investor, Mentor at 500 Startups, Executive at Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (former)
Andriy Fedoriv
Ukraine as Number One (UNO) is a first-of-its-kind invitation-only interactive training series that will introduce seed investors to the funda­mentals of early-stage startup investing.

Over the course of 16 interactive live-lectures, we will explore the key principles used by leading early-stage investors and VC investors in making investment decisions, structuring deals, working with founders, valuing startups, and successfully exiting.

The program is developed in partnership with Charles Whitehead, a Professor at Cornell University & Co-Founder of eō Business Incubators, the premier seed-stage mentor-driven incubator in Ukraine.
What is UNO?

What's Included
16 Lectures followed by a Live Pitch Competition
In these 16 lectures you will learn the same strategies that successful VCs use to invest in high growth startups. Over the past 10 years, our speakers have started companies from zero revenue, raised rounds from leading VCs, sold for billions of dollars, worked at Yahoo, 500 Startups, Seedstars, and much more.
Live Q&A Investor Roundtable
At the end of the masterclass, holders of investor ticket will participate in a live private post-event group Q&A session with top tier angel investors from Silicon Valley and Eastern Europe.
Private Slack Community
You will get access to a private community of Angel Investors in our Slack channel. Connect with Investors around the world and share deal flow.
Our Partners
Upcoming lectures
Here's a chance to participate in an unforgettable in-person and online gathering of professionals determined to play a key role in the emerging startup ecosystem in Ukraine. Each day of the four-day event will unfold as follows:
L1. Why Ukraine? Why Now?
Part 1: Fundamentals
Part 2: Deal Mastery
Part 3: Rough Diamonds
L4. How Do You Source Deals In Ukraine?
L9. What are the Pitfalls in Ukraine? An Overview of Legal and Tax Issues
L2. Ukraine Startup Ecosystem Overview. What Are The Opportunities?
L3. How to Get Started in Early-Stage Investing?
L4. Special Keynote
L6. SAFEs vs Convertibles vs Equity vs Debt: Understanding Investment Structures
L7. Some Common Deal Terms
L5. What Makes a Startup a Good (or Not-So-Good) Investment?
L8. Special Keynote
L13. Special Keynote
L10. How Should Investors Work With Companies?
L11. Intellectual Property
L12. Exits and Liquidity
L14. What to look for in a Pitch?
Early-Stage Growth and Beyond
Part 4: The Art of Timing
"It will not surprise me to see not just and not just Grammarly. But a whole host of Unicorns coming from Ukraine"
Charles K. Whitehead
Professor at Cornell University, Co-founder at eō Business Incubators
"Ukrainian tech startups are undervalued. You can have a perfect engineering team with experience, which will cost 2-3 times cheaper than in Silicon Valley"
Andriy Fedoriv
"In three years we will have amazing unicorns. It's time to invest in them now, so you can benefit from that in three years"
Dominique Piotet
CEO at UNIT.City and Sector X Accelerator
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